Cartoonist Draws Himself In 100 Different Cartoon Styles, And The Result Is Unbelievably Spot On

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Some cartoons have such iconic styles, a really distinct ‘feel’ about them, that they are instantly recognizable. Cartoonist Kevin McShane decided to pay tribute to some of history most-loved cartoons by mimicking their style to draw himself in 100 self-portraits.

I don’t know much about what kids get up to these days, but when I was a kid I watched cartoons religiously. The accuracy of Kevin’s drawings are incredible, capturing the very soul of each cartoon in just one simple self-portrait. The research process must’ve been fun! “Kevin, it’s 2am. Why are you on the couch eating Cheetos and watching re-runs of Snorks?”


Scroll down to check out Kevin’s cool self-portraits for yourself and tell us, are there any more you’d like him to add? Let us know in the comments!

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